Frequently Asked Questions

Can you organise the Concrete slab and Installation?

YES - Aussie Platinum’s parent Company is a Registered Builder (Rural & Residential Construction P/L QBCC:705868 ABN:21083516983), so we can do all Concrete and Installation of your new building.


Are the kits easy to erect?

YES – It is advised that you have some knowledge however.  With The columns, rafters, haunch and apex brackets all prepunched and ready to bolt together, and a set of construction plans showing locations and step by step instructions it is easier than ever to build yourself.


Is there a range of colours available?

YES – Aussie Platinum have the full range of BlueScope® Zincalume® and Colorbond® colours available at no extra charge  so that you can be assured you get the colour scheme you want for your project.


Do the kits come with Engineering for council?

YES – A full set of engineered plans are included at no extra charge and are available once a deposit has been paid.


Does the engineering include specifications for concrete slabs and footings?

YES – For soil types A.M & S and in most cases E type as well.


Can my building be installed on footings without a concrete slab?

YES – Buildings can be installed on footings, and a great deal of Farm sheds are installed in auger bored or block footings.


I have a 4WD, what height garage will I need for entry under the Roller doors?

Your clearance height under the roller door will be less than the wall height of your building due to the depth of the drum of the door.  Below is a guide to some of the wall heights and clearance heights and clearance heights under the doors.

2.4 wall height – 2.0 clearance approx, 2.7 wall height – 2.3 clearance approx, 3.0 wall height – 2.6 clearance approx


Is it easy to extend the length of my building at a later date?

YES – Unlike many manufacturers who use smaller end portal frames we use the same size portal frame right through making it very simple to add more bays.


Can I add an awning at a later date?

YES – This is a simple as cutting a neat slot in the wall sheets at each portal frame and inserting a flat plate to pick up the columns inside.


I have a steep roof pitch on my house and the garage will be seen from the front.  Can I get a steeper roof pitch on my garage?

YES – you sure can.  Apart from the standard 10 degree pitch we also offer 15, 22, 30, and 45 degrees pitches.


How much id the deposit to place an order?

We require a 20% deposit.


What is the time frame from ordering my kit to it being delivered?

There will be approximately a 4 week lead time from you giving the go ahead for your kit to be manufactured.



We value your business and look forward to the opportunity to serve and continue serving you in the future.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding questions you may have.  I look forward to hearing from you.



James Prendergast

Managing Director